Christmas in Indo travel blog

Ibu's big picnic

Chickens and cats

Right downtown

Nice and quiet here, you must shutdown motor bikes





Japanese propaganda...we only speak it here back in wwII


Wupah, kampong style!


Surabaya finds us on a walking tour downtown, but turn into an alleyway and you are in a quiet kampung. An old ibu cooks us up a tremendous lunch with a coconut curry with jackfruit? Great. Veg fried fritter things, lentil cakes, sambal, and we picnic with our bootleg tour group in a courtyard alleyway. A couple shows up from Yishun where we live...

Then we continue walking about these old time neighborhoods where I can see the Dutch In the architecture somewhat like Malaka, with these cascading tile roofs...loads of young kitties...and fish market, stop in a coffee shop that makes turmeric and tamarind soda. Kinda weird but they could make a killing in India, governah!

As usual, every one is super friendly and surprised to see the bulles, us white bread in their midst. It makes for photo ops for the locals which we find rather amusing.

I see this baby with dark blue eyeliner under its eyes, and face powder...and that is because? Some local medicine to keep their eyesight good? I am not convinced, seems surreal, but what do I know.

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