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I fear that I am becoming a “Couch Potato”. This retirement and the RV life have contributed to that assessment. With no real job to go to, and very few chores or duties to take care of, it is so easy to fall into the trap of being lazy. I am getting quite good at it, to be perfectly honest.

Today, I worked on my book project for much of the day. That really requires almost no physical effort at all. Thankfully, Marilyn convinced me that I should sit outdoors with her, and a glass of wine. The weather was near perfect again so I joined her but continued to feel guilty because there is so little effort involved in that activity.

It is difficult for any of us in this RV life to stay thin because our primary activities involve food and drink all the time. Happy Hours are common, often with snacks.

We tend to grow fat and lazy. Oh but we are Happy! It is a fact that we who live the RV life are usually smiling, laughing, and having a good time. It is a fact that our conversations frequently refer to food or where to go for some good food.

OK, now I have all of that off my chest.

Our friends, Steve & Cathy, returned today, after visiting their family up north.

They drove over to visit for some time this evening, so we all sat outdoors in the beautiful weather, enjoying the company and conversation.

We’re glad that they have returned.

So, another fine day drifts softly to a close and now we are back inside with grilled cheese and tomato bisque soup for dinner. Oops, there goes that food stuff again.

Oh well, it is all part of what makes this life so great.

Life is Good!

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