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We were delighted to find the early morning temperature outdoors at a balmy and comfortable 65 degrees, so we went out to sit on the patio with the fire-pit lit and music on the outdoor sound system. It was great.

Some fog moved through the area sort of off and on providing short periods of very light drizzle. It wasn’t even enough to drive us inside and it soon stopped all together. The sun came out and we experienced a wonderful day today.

I drove off to pick up a couple of items at the store and fuel the car. Marilyn had decided to try again on the food item she didn’t like when she fixed it yesterday. She found that the temperature was set wrong on the oven yesterday so I was blessed with a nice batch of caramel corn. She will fix a new batch and we’ll see how that turns out. Maybe I can talk her into giving some to our friends.

With the weather so great today, I was in a better mood. Yesterday, with the hacking of my email, I carried around some anger most of the day. LOL

Marilyn took her book to the patio while I read in the Coach house sitting beside the open door with a gentle breeze keeping me very comfortable.

We noticed that several of our neighbors have their kids and grandkids visiting. It is nice to see these little kids riding scooters and bikes up and down the street. However, it does generate a bit of sadness in our hearts as we really miss our grandkids.

Our friends, Steve & Cathy, will be returning tomorrow. They have been back up north visiting their family.

I’m sure we will have a get-together with them real soon.

One thing for sure is that we know Life is Good!

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