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Marilyn took her car and left to go shopping shortly before Mike picked me up for our own shopping.

There is a nice grocery store which caters mostly to the Latino folks in this area, and they have great Rib Eye Steaks at a very fair price. Mike and I were shopping for steaks to cook for our Christmas dinner, so we headed directly to Foy’s Market.

We selected four richly marbled steaks about an inch and a half thick and took them home for $20.25 total, including the tax.

Once I was back home, I spent some time cleaning the grill and finished just in time to help Marilyn put groceries away.

She then began cooking some Christmas treats which are really good. She recruited me to help with that chore which required the hands of two people at certain times.

Our daughter called to inform me that my e-mail account has been hacked with a message written to my contacts requesting money, from someone pretending to be me.

Now I don’t mind if people want to send me lots of cash but I want everyone to know that I don’t have many friends with cash to spare. LOL

I panicked for a few minutes and then got busy and changed the password for my e-mail account. Please let me know if any of you receive an email from me requesting money, and perhaps you should be aware of the possibility that your own e-mail may be at risk. This same thing happened to our friend, Bob, only a week or so ago.

Marilyn had some good luck and some bad luck with her cooking today. Her good luck is good for our friends while her bad luck is good for me. She sets a high bar for quality control and allowed me to snack on the food which didn’t meet her strict standards.

Life is Good!

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