Where is Shirley? travel blog

Shirley at Letitia La France in Strasbourg

Petite la France

Beautiful wandering Strasbourg

Everyone needs a memento of the Alsace area

Coffee time

Salmon Tarte Flambe - YUM 𯘀

I think they might win the house decoration prize in Palmy

Sunset on the end of a lovely day in Strasbourg

Strasbourg - checkpoints every bridge, everywhere - guns, police by the van...

Arrived early in Kehl. After breakfast off to Strasbourg.

Wonderful walk through the Old Town - entire central island is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

La Petite France is beautiful.

Large Xmas markets.

Lunch tried the Flambe Tart - I can feel a French lunch outdoors at my place when I get home.

Beautiful place.

Security very high - bag checkpoints and lots of police on all streets. Felt a bit uneasy.

But lovely day - beautiful place.

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