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12-7-16 Home for the Holidays

Today is the day we fly home to Anchorage for the holidays.

From Glen Haven, Colorado to Anchorage, Alaska is a long day. The day is even longer when you expect six inches of snow on the Front Range. As luck would have it, it was only about two inches.

We started the day at six AM by getting showers, cleaning up, then winterizing the cabin which involves turning off the well and draining all the pipes. While I was doing that, Julie got a call from the shuttle company we had arranged to take us to Denver Airport asking if we could meet the shuttle in Estes Park instead of Glen Haven. Seems they were concerned the shuttle (a 2WD van) might have trouble on the steep road covered with fresh snow. Fortunately, our neighbor Sandy was able to drive us into Estes Park for our 9:30 meeting with the shuttle van. Thanks Sandy!

The ride from Estes Park to Denver International took almost 3 hours because of the weather and the number of people we picked up on the way down the mountain. Our flight didn’t leave until 2:45PM so there was no time crunch.

The flights took us from Denver to Seattle then to Anchorage. We had a layover in Seattle and had dinner. The flights were full but almost pleasant, just long. Things went off without a hitch until we got to the gate in Anchorage and were delayed from deplaning for a half hour because of a “weight and balance issue.” I spent the extra time trying to puzzle out how a Boeing 737 with a tricycle, (nose gear) setup, would require a “kickstand” to keep the tail off the ground. Now I have something to ask my pilot friends, (who fly heavies), about next time I see them.

Sister Kim picked us up from the airport and took us to her house to get Sadie, then home. We arrived at the house around 11PM (Alaska time). The trip took over 15 hours, we were awake over 19 hours. We were tired. Good to be home. We heard it was 15 below in Estes Park the next morning, looks like we left just in time.

That concludes the Fall Trip 2016. Stay tuned for the Spring Trip 2017 sometime in April……..maybe.

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