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Flooded underpass centre of town

Floria, nearly gone

Main road into Duquesa

Front of Asian Bazaar, Thursday

We are back from our 5 day flying visit to Scotland, which we enjoyed very much despite the cold. Had a lovely early Christmas Day on Saturday 3rd Dec, all the family came, Jenny did a roast lamb joint and a fresh chicken roast with all the usual trimmings and her fabulous Yorkshires, Billie made a huge chocolate log cake, the little ones loved opening their presents from us and the adults opened one each, then we had time for a game of Chinese dominoes before the lovely day ended.

Sunday we had shocking news that Sabinillas had been flooded, with the tragic loss of 2 young lives. It had been raining almost continuously for 2 weeks when we left on the Thursday, but it worsened over the next 2 days and the mountains and hills behind us had torrents of muddy water running down which accumulated and ended up being deposited in the town. Some of our lovely beach bars have been destroyed, Floria completely. Friends on site reassured us our home is safe, just awning flooded like everyone else's...we got home early hours Wed 7th, it was dark and very very humid, couldn't see much except piles of silt and muddy rubbish at the side of the roads.

Next day we both felt colds coming on and it's now Sunday, humidity is still way high, down to 80% today, rain and wind still off and on. Difficult to breathe with wheezy chests and really sore midriff muscles cos of the constant hacking coughs we both have. It's so muggy no one seems to be doing much on site. In the town clear up is still ongoing with fire engines pumping out the huge underground car parks. Apparently on Monday they dragged out a Ferrari which was totally unrecognizable due to mud and debris surrounding it. So many people have holiday homes here, leave their cars in these car parks over winter, only coming here in spring and summer, they are going to get terrible news anytime now if they haven't already. The supermarkets are already open again, but in the town centre at the bottom of the hill where the town meets the beach, things are still muddy, and smaller shops still closed. The Asian Bazaar was hit worst, they will be closed for the foreseeable future.

Hope to have happier photos next time. 2 weeks until Christmas, we hope things will be back to normal by then.

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