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The town of Fira taken from our stateroom balcony

The steps on the side of the cliff used by both people...

Tender boats waiting to take ships' passengers to shore

Jewel of the Seas from the top of the cliff (Fira)

Looking down from Fira (some of the steps can be seen on...

What Santorini really looked like the day we were there

The captain altered the order of our ports because windy, stormy weather was to arrive in Santorini the day we were scheduled to be there. It’s a port where you have to be tendered to shore in boats and the captain was told the tenders would not be able to run on our regular day. So, he switched our day in Santorini with our day in Ephesus. It really didn’t help. We arrived to cloudy, rainy weather in Santorini. We were able to tender to shore, however, and once there, we had three options to reach the top of the cliff (and the town of Fira), which is 853 above feet sea level. There’s a cable car, a mule ride or a tough hike up 580 steps (following the same path as the mules.)

We opted for the cable car, which wasn’t very busy, probably because of the weather. Wandering about the town was not pleasant, especially on slick, wet cobblestones. We tried to visit a museum, but were informed that it was closed until May. The weather was yucky, so sitting at a café enjoying the view of the harbor was out. We checked out a few shops, didn’t find anything we wanted to buy and decided to head back to the ship. Bummer!

It was Halloween and there was no show tonight, just a parade of people who chose to wear costumes. There were a lot of vampires/Draculas.

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