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View of Mykonos from our balcony

Sunrise over Mykonos

Some of the red roofs Mykonos is famous for

Vioma Organic Farm and Winery - on land owned by the Panaghia...

Welcome sign at the winery

Grape press

Vat for the wine after the grapes are pressed

The vineyard

Grape vines are close to the ground

Some of the peppers Roger found growing on the farm

Landscape around the winery

Agia Kyriaki Church

Narrow, cobblestone street in Mykonos Town

Sign outside the bakery we visited

Goodies in the bakery we visited

The windmills of Mykonos Town, the most popular place in Mykonos to...

Metropolitan Church in Mykonos Town

Inside Metropolitan Church

Panagia Paraportianí is made up of four chapels at ground level with...

Seafood at the fish market - octopus, anyone?

Our next port was Mykonos. The sun was shining today, the first time since we set sail. We took a tour here. Our first stop was a winery where we sampled 3 wines, all of which were too sweet for our tastes. We had a good Greek salad though and some tasty bread and cheese. We also met Oscar the dachshund who has really big, sad brown eyes that he puts to good use when begging. Roger found a garden of peppers, including habaneros. The grapes were grown differently than they are back in the States. The plants must be kept low to the ground because it is so windy in Mykonos. The wind may explain why the winery we visited is the only one on Mykonos.

After the winery, we headed to old town Mykonos. We took a walking tour of the town. The streets are a maze and very narrow. This was done on purpose by the early settlers. The maze is so that invaders would get lost and the inhabitants could evade them. The narrowness is so citizens could jump from house to house when trying to escape invaders. One could very easily get lost in that town.

The evening’s entertainment was a violinist from England. I was kind of leery of this because I don’t really like instrumental, let alone classical, music. Boy, was I ever wrong. This was a great show. The guy had a great personality and he really knew how to put on a show. I’d watch him perform again any day! He was that good.

Stopped by the casino after the show and Roger won $10 on a poker machine. I, on the other hand, lost $5 on my poker machine. At least one of us came out ahead.

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