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Hi 1/2 friends ,I having a great time here at mildura. It took 6 hours to get there.We camped right next to this river in Victoria and on the other side of it is

NSW. At night  time and day time a bounch of cockatoons cempt on yelling and we had a very big camp fire. Now we are at broken hill /slivertin.

There are lots of animals , playgrounds , bike tracks and really really annoying flies and roosters . Now we went to see the sun set in broken hill. We are all ready to go to our next trip which is tibuburra or flinders rangers. It is very hot here and lots of cars around. There are lots of dead  kangaroos , Emus and floods.

 Hi again are in South Australia the time is 6.30 pm the 5th of june which is getting closer to my birthday.There are lots of muddy tracks and the bullbar is completely covered in dirt if you know what a bullbar is it helps your car from crashing into a anther car anyway yesterday we saw camerons corner it means three different states are right next to NSW, Queensland and South Australia. The dog fence which keeps out dingoes from killing sheep. Now we are in cooper peady and its my birthday. For my birthday we went to crocodile museum and feed kangaroos and there was a baby one it was only 6 weeks old . At the crocodile museum we saw a giant croc eating a Anaconda. And one of them pictures was a Aboriginal holding two crocs in his two hands. On the way back to town there was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig puddle on the left and one of my friends went through it and nearly got bogged over. The hottest coober peady can get is 50 degrees or hotter because that's why they have under ground houses. If you want to have a tv then you have to put the tv antennas on the top of the under ground house and when your going to have a under ground house you need to have at least three holes or you suffocate and die. The rarest thing of coober peady is a opal and i will show you what a opal looks like.

If you can see the colours of red, green, orange, blue and mostly gold. I got this key ring from a opal shop.People go out outside to find these in a opal yard in hidden rocks it is worth more than 7,869 dollars but mine only cost 8 dollars. We are camping  in the bushes in the middle of nowhere so far we are going to the Northern Territory to see ularu tomorrow today we are between cooper peady and Northern Territory now. Today is the day that we go and see ularu. Now we went on a 4 hours walk around Katajuta and for Ayers rock it took 4 hours as well as Katajuta.And if you say  enything in Katajuta you will hear a very big echo and i will show you how big and wide it is.

After that we went back to our campsite. And we had to go to Ayers rock sunset and I got a Awsome picture of it.

Today is 15th of june 10.00 in the morning and we are getting ready for our next trip which is kings canyon.I have been playing football everyday and Pheno, hunter, dayna and tabby i hope you are playing grate football as well as me in kinglake were its was very cold because i saw you guys on facebook were it looked like freezing cold in shorts and singlet while i am chilling out in the sun up in Ayers rock now.At kings canyon there were lots of hiding places and steeeep drops

Then we went back down to the Garden of Eden were there is water falls, plants, lots of sunshine and not really but sometimes wallabies. After that walk we had a big rest at the campsite. Befor we went to bed we saw dingos everywhere and we played a game of Star wars Uno and i came second but my dad came first. After  that we had a big sleep in. We had a grate time here in kings canyon because we are leaving to go to Alice Springs. On the way to Alice Springs we saw a massive hill that we couldn't get up but luckily my dad branig a shovel so we can put dirt in it and fill it up after that we had other shot at it and this time we got up it. If my dad couldn't drive then we wouldn't get up it. Now we are at Alice Springs

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