BAD Ideas Make The Best Stories travel blog

Kidnapped by a vessel

Fish staring at Bonnie in her yellow dress

A Boat in Santorini. Amit pulled it out of the water just...

Squinting at the Acropolis

Bonnie with our mini rental car in Crete

Again but this time behind it

Some ass trying to steal Bonnie.


Bon does her best Blosson Russo

cooking falafel

You guess: At the Western _ _ _ _

Amit and his invisible friend


Covered in chocolate

Bonnie at Ein Gedi. Ya, really.

Bonnie wearing invisible floaties

Bonnie and Grandma. Could be sisters.

Bonnie will kill. She will.

"The wave!!"

Hi hi hi

Bonnie came to visit me and I am Amit. I put up some pictures here cause sardines but the rest are up on the ofoto site. So go there and click on Athens, Santorini, Crete, and Israel all over again but this time the folder with more pictures cause Bonnie is a picture addict. She is currently in rehab but until then, LOTS OF PICTURES.

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