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Aizawl, capital city of Mizoram (and day)

Aizawl night lights — in Aizwal, Mizoram, India. (truly, night...)

Local Christmas craft sale — in Aizwal, Mizoram, India.

Crazy Aizawltraffic — in Aizwal, Mizoram, India.

Flat piece of ground for football amidst a very hilly city —...




From Bonnie email:

" Next (12/5)a.m. D found online there were trains to Agartala in Tripura at 8 (already gone) & 10:30. Went to train - 10:30 cancelled. Changed plans, went to Sumo stand and got space on 11 am Sumo to Aizawl - 5.5 - 6hr trip. Except that our driver uses the trip as his little visiting journey to all his friends - stopped constantly to visit, have his lunch, early dinner (4:30) etc, etc. Finally got there at 8:30. It gets dark here at 5pm not 6 for some reason and with the bad roads & steep drop offs it was 3 hrs driving I really would have liked to miss! Haha! "

Bon's email continues:

"Aizawl: Hotel Sangchia,dbl incl brkfst, 1000? 1200? We can't remember. Our level of accommodation anyway, not fancy, older, but really nice, helpful people, clean, wifi, bath w/ hot water, conveniently located."

"It is nice here in Aizawl, both physically and also the people. The whole place feels much more like Myanmar than India, because both the look, feel, manner of the place and the people themselves are like in Myanmar far mire than India. They are very gentle, nice, friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. "


From Joey's blog:

"After a much needed sleep we set off in the morning to the train station with the intention of going to Agartala. That dream was quickly postponed because we had missed the train by an hour, so the next plan was Aizawl! I could not be happier that this was the case because I absolutely loved Aizawl. Pronounced “eye-zole”. We sumoed (yes, I’m making that a verb) there in 7 hours with a full car and a driver that could possibly be a drug runner with how many stops we made once crossed from Assam to Mizoram. Then again, maybe he just has a lot of friends on the route.. what do I know.

This city is stunning. It is surrounded by mountains with the city pouring over the side and the roads winding down or along the ridge. It was unlike any city I’ve ever been to. The main difficulty being that it defies all maps. Not only could we not find a street map, but we began to think that one probably doesn’t exist. We were there for 3 days and it is interesting how quickly you get to know a place and feel comfortable. This place was so surprisingly modern, in terms of both architecture and people. The buildings were mainly built with cement, some signs of bamboo, but predominately stronger building materials. I can understand not wanting the fate of your house on a couple bamboo sticks. Then again, that is the way the majority of traditional houses stand on the mountains in most of the North East. The women were what really caught my attention. To put it simply, I thought they were badass. They wear modern clothing, drive and walk on their own, smoke and drink openly, and so on. I notice such a change in female independence and I loved it! It is crazy how modern this place is when it is in the middle of nowhere. It is also incredible to feel such a connection to a place that you had no idea existed up until a week ago. I guess that’s a big part of what travel is. "



From Bon:

" Tomorrow we go on a 6am (sun up at 5 so Mare ok - haha!!) Sumo back to Silchar as I said before. "

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