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The gals did not stay here...only a short mention of being here as a transit site by Bon.

From Joey's blog via Daphne:

"We had scoped out bus transport into Nagaland (from Tezppur) so arrived at (bus) 6am to claim our seats on the then empty bus. Ticket taker/conductor had his own ideas of where we should sit so after some negotiations we all found our happy places. Bus ride quite pleasant crossing the river in one of very few bridges then through Kaziranga National Park to finally turn right for the journey south into Nagaland."


Later Joey herself blogged:

"... the bus from Tezpur to Dimapur (Dec 2) where immediately following the bus, we were rushed into a rickshaw through a very busy and polluted city centre to the sumo/taxi station. If I were to redesign the transportation aspect of North East India, I would put the train, bus, taxi and sumo stations next to each other. Not on the opposite sides of town like their current set up, crazy thought right? Luckily for us, on the bus we met a young woman named Pranami who was also on route to Kohima. It is very handy to have someone travelling to the same place as you that speaks english well and the local language! With some back and forth, she got us into a sumo. A sumo is a shared taxi, the vehicle is similar to a Range Rover that is 25+ years old and is constantly on the brink of breaking down. They packed 2 people in the front seat, then the driver, then four people to the middle and back row of seats. That’s a nice squishy ride with 11 people. I was just thankful that the drive began after sunset, so in addition to the already crammed ride, it wasn’t also a sweaty one. Very very hilly terrain. Upon arrival in Kohima, we were swarmed by local drivers. We selected the most charming and were soon rushing along in yet another taxi the 15 km to Kigwema Village where we had arranged a homestay for two nights while we attended the long anticipated Hornbill Festival!"

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