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Map showing Arunachal Pradesh

The mountain drive to Ziro valley



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Map courtesy of friend Steve. Thanks Steve for all your help/input!


From Mare:

"We continued to drive west the following day (27th). Still bad road and slow, but the forest changed to more and more conifers. We came to the Kamala River and followed it towards the Ziro Valley. We arrived after dark (short days, dark by 5:30) and checked into the Ziro Resort complex. We had room service for dinner."...

Mare continuing:

"After breakfast the next day (28th) we went to Hari Village where our guide heard that a special ceremony was taking place. It was out of season, but a family had been told by the Donyi Polo priest that their problems would be cured by doing a sacrifice ceremony, so they scheduled it for November 28th, the day we were in the area. The sacrifice would be a bull and a mithun (a cow like animal that is prized by people in this part of the world). None of us wanted to see that, but we did get to see the blessing of rice flour that the people did in traditional regalia on these two animals. The older women here still had the wooden nose plugs and facial tatoos from the past. These practices stopped in 1970.

We then went to the Ziro Market and to the Emporium where traditional crafts and art forms (weaving, metal working, bamboo products and carpet knotting) are continuing to be produced. We visited another village called Hong and then had just enough time to get to an overlook of the valley at sunset."


From Joey's blog:

"We had another long driving day today, interspersed with some sightseeing and village visits on route from Daporijo to the Ziro Valley. Today’s roads were definitely more bearable as parts of it were paved. Still took 8 hours to go 150km. Excited for tomorrow’s non driving day as we visit the tribes of the Ziro Valley! "

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