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Lunch spot...Bon, Mari, & Joey

Joey 'fitting' into transport

Bon, Mare, and Daphne

Gals again...Daphne, Joey, Mari, and Bon

City park in Tezpur, Assam, India.

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Map courtesy of friend Steve. Thanks Steve for all your help/input!

IN Tezpur nights of 29, 30, & Dec 1


From Mare:

"On our last day (of tour) we drove to Itanagar, the capital of A.P., and stopped at the State Museum. Very good displays of the many tribes were there. It was interesting to see so many of the clothes, ornaments and tools that we had seen still in use in the villages we visited. We had lunch at a roof top restaurant and drove back to Assam were we said goodbye to Toon and Boro and settled into the KRC Palace Hotel in Tezpur. A much higher end place than our usual. Tezpur means "city of blood" because long ago there was a brutal fight between Lord Krishna and a demon who kidnapped his grandson. Now it is a leafy place with a couple of nice parks on the north side of the mighty Brahmaputra River."

According to Bonnie they moved to the City Grand Hotel, the cheaper but perfectly adequate accommodation the second (and 3rd night?).


From Joey's blog via Daphne:

"City (Tezpur) streets hosted the usual collection of buggies and beasts but had a friendly vibe and we managed to enjoy many aspects of the city. Visited a few ATM machines as getting cash remains a challenge. You meet the nicest folks in bank line ups! Other city highlights included the district museum which had painting from a local competition & an awesome dugout longboat for plying the waters of the mighty Brahmaputra, and a poki house which was an architectural combination of Rajasthani & Ahom styles. Beautiful square structure with central courtyard almost like a thick walled abode house. Walls 2 1/2 ft thick and of of small flat bricks. Home to one of Tezpur versions of a renaissance man ; Agnigarh Hill where we watched the sun set on the somewhat lesser, drying, sandbar exposed Brahmaputra River. In Hindu mythology, it is the site of the fortress which was built by Banasura to keep his daughter, Usha, in isolation. The name itself is derived from the words ‘Agni’ (meaning fire) and ‘garh’ (meaning fortress or wall) in Sanskrit. Our travel companion Mari was able to tell us some of the Hindu legends from the elaborate sculptures through the park.

Cole Park where we strolled an afternoon away enjoying the giggles of all the uniformed schoolchildren on their break. Joanna quite the celeb as many boldly requested taking a selfie with her. Blonde beauties are rare as hen’s teeth in this neck of the woods! We had a 30 minute paddle boat ride around the lake too."



Continuing Joey's blog via Daphne:


"We had scoped out bus transport into Nagaland so arrived at 6am to claim our seats on the then empty bus. Ticket taker/conductor had his own ideas of where we should sit so after some negotiations we all found our happy places. Bus ride quite pleasant crossing the river in one of very few bridges then through Kaziranga National Park to finally turn right for the journey south into Nagaland."

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