Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Spent ages Tring to sort Komodo Dragon tour (still).

Mise at reception was hilariously useless due to language barrier (maybe)!

He handed Tim the phone in the end and we've booked a IDR5,000,000 £300 2 day one night tour with Flores XP as they are the only ones which you can sleep in a Hut rather than boat.

Went downtown with 60p lifts again to stock up on Bintangs

Swimming in pool again...wonderful.

Trying to work out where to go after trip.

Our big lizard came out again, Tim wafted a giant moth in his direction and he pounced on it.

Watched a Komodo Dragon eat a deer which was still alive which upset me a bit. Also saw a photo on Internet of an 8 year old who was killed by one in 2009. Cofused as to why there is a photo of his dead body on the Internet!

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