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Megan woke me up this morning and I glared at her. She's been the first to rise every single day. Very annoying. Sleep in woman!

Anywho, luckily all three of our roommates decided to wake up at the same time as Alyssa and I, so we got to it. Attempting to dress as warmly as possible.

We had to walk a little ways to get to our bus for the tour this morning, and there was some general sniping as we tried to figure out where to go. Streets once again are not clearly marked. They are only on street corners. And not all corners either. How people navigate this mess is beyond me.

We were there before the bus arrived and hopped on when it did. The tour guide was a nice fellow, and soon we were off and rolling. Terrifying driver though. Reminds me of mom. :D

He, like mom, knows his vehicle though, and we never hit anything. But there was much general speeding.

Our first stop was overlooking the Bay, and we all got out and took pictures. It was freezing.

Our next stop was the Avoca Handweavers store. It was lovely actually. Course, I enjoyed it less than I would have liked to, as the bus had given me a bit of nausea. But Megan and Alyssa both had scones that they were moaning and groaning over. Twas entertaining.

We drove from there to the bridge from the movie PS I Love You. I was still freezing. But there were pictures.

After that we parked at an overlook hundreds of feet above Guinness lake and hiked up a small incline to take pictures. It was so cold there was frost on the ground and several people nearly slipped and fell. Including Megan. Two of the other people on the tour took a picture while jumping in the air. This, I found rather unintelligent. But they survived.

Following the icy overlook, we went to lunch. Megan got some sort of gross salad Alyssa had Guinness beef stew, which looked awesome. I wasn't hungry, so I nibbled on bread. Before we left our lunch sport, we hit the nearby gift shop and I bought myself a souvenir. It was a cat. Then the sales lady asked me if I had a cat and was telling me about hers, so like a good cat mom I had to dig out pictures. We bonded.

After lunch we hit glendalogh and St. Kevin's Monastery, which was very cool. It was first built between the 9th and 11th centuries they think. It's got several of the original buildings still standing, as well as one huge tower that is quite impressive. And the whole place is covered in beautiful ornate gravestones. Apparently, any citizen of County Wicklow can request to buried there. I saw many stones where the words had long since worn away, and some as old as the early 1700s.

After the guided tour of that area, we had the option of a twenty minute hike to the upper loch (lake) or a ride in the heated bus. I chose the bus. The other two chose nature. They're weird.

Anywho the bus got me to the loch ahead of them by roughly five minutes, so I walked about and took some pictures. Very beautiful place. Reminds me a bit of Angel Fire, NM.

After the lake, we got back on the bus and had to drop off a sick passenger. Poor guy is a US Navy Nurse and was having some bad stomach issues. A doctor met them at the place we had lunch. More troubling was the ambulance heading that way that passed us as we were on our way back.

After we dropped the gentleman off, we were all given a small shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey by our guide to celebrate the end of our tour together. I gave mine to Megan, but when he asked for the Irish word for "cheers" I totally knew it. Nod to Bradley for that one.

Once that was done, we headed back to the city and our hostel. Our tour guide John hugged us all goodbye and thanked us for taking the tour and sent us on our way. We walked back to the hostel and I got warm and cozy while the other two went for food. Turkish fries (called chips here) and Istanbul pizza. Quite an interesting yet tasty dinner.

We are all warm and cozy in our beds already and it's not yet 9:30 here. And luckily we have nothing scheduled until 6pm tomorrow, so we have some time to sleep in. This will save Megan from my glare. :)

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