Adventure before Dementia 4th year travel blog

Chinese dominoes

At Floria

Blue enduring terrible hardship at Su's kennels!

Steak night fun

Jimena Roman fortress

View from hilltop of Jimena.

Expanded, you can see the long rounded rooves of the munitions storage...

Dog walk hillside view

The last week of October/first in November, we didn't travel anywhere except locally, but we did have a fabulous fortnight, starting with a simple game of Chinese dominoes, brill idea for Christmas family fun....the spots go up to 12, so it's a huge box, but up to 12 people can play and it's more challenging, interesting and very sociable!....especially if you add nibbles and wine half way through!

Then we went to beach bar Floria on the Friday afternoon to be entertained by Mitch and Mike, who were great singers;the place was packed, it was hot, lots of dogs, children playing all around, everyone joining in, dancing, singing, eating great food, great fun. We've known Mitch for 3 years as he walks Bill, his big gentle dog, in the same hills as us. Didn't realize he sang there until now! It was a half hour walk there, and we didn't get home till 6.30, quick wash and change and out again at 7.30 for a Halloween meal out with the same friends, again with excellent entertainment....I never dance, I know I'm dreadful, but I forgot my broken toe and danced (if you can call it that) for two hours....needless to say, none of us saw much of Saturday we were absolutely cream crackered.

One couple were leaving the following week, so we had a couple of social evenings the 8 of us, including a steak night here in the restaurant. Food is so-so, but we had vouchers that we'd won over the last months from the we're not that good, just lucky,...the Meerkats always win, so the guy who does the quiz has an envelope with a number in, the team with closest score to that number wins a €20 voucher. Much fairer! We had collected 4 of them so a worthwhile saving.

It was very quiet, just us, + a couple from outside and another 2 couples joined us after our meal. Then the staff produced liqueurs for everyone, (they're friends too, we've all known them since we started coming here) but we had to drink from the bottle they poured into our mouths.....thank goodness it was on the house; we got thru 5 half bottles of 4 different fruit liqueurs and a chilli whisky, have to add here that we made the 3 staff have a go too. Roy managed to put a few snapshots and a few clips of video together with music, for our friends; Julia, or Hulia, as the Spanish call her, & Ian were leaving 2 days later, (she is a wonderful Yorkshire lass, such good fun, who keeps us entertained and gets us together) and she takes centre stage in the video, not knowing she's being filmed, but happily agreed after to share it. If anyone wants the link, just ask and we'll send it.

Then we had a farewell drink in the bar the next night, early doors of course, they left next morning, and another couple left the following week. But we went to Floria again the following Fridays, different crowds, but always fun, with more people from BellaVista joining us each week. Apparently there were 300 on New Years Day last year so that's us sorted for this coming year.

So no long walks, but lots of shorter ones and lots of good times. Weather has been fabulous until the 20th, rain since then but no complaints, it's got be better than -7° in Scotland.

We fly back home for a few days early December then afterwards we'll see if we can get out and about more. We did have a visit to Jimena one day, but only managed a short walk up to and around the Roman fortress as we'd picked the one of only a few days in October that it rained.....Blue was with Su as it was a day after we'd been out with our friends, so we made the most of not having him. He's not that interested in Roman ruins! They were quite impressive and so well preserved in some parts, especially the munitions storage area, with its several rounded columned rooves. High up above the town, again vulture area, so we got excellent views too.

That's it for now, not much of a travel blog this time! More of boozy bulletin?

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