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We’ve been in Benson just over a month now. We’ve work through our to-do list and are just about done. Many of the other leaseholders are also back in the park for the season. Unfortunately, there has been more turnover in the park - deaths from cancer and complications from surgery, suffering from the ravages of Alzheimer’s, or just the inability to care for oneself any longer.

These losses remind me that the number of years I have left on this earth is less than the years I have lived. The actuary tables say my life expectancy is 20 more years. But dying isn’t what worries me. It’s how it will end and I want it to be quick.

There are advocacy organizations such as Compassion and Choices or Death With Dignity that are dedicated to improving the quality of life when the time is right and want you to be in control. Each state deals with this issue differently or not at all.

When I am told by my elders to “Do things while you are young and able,” that is advice that I want to follow. Living in a 55+ park only reinforces that advice.

On a more upbeat note, now that our tasks are done, it’s time to start planning our next year’s adventure. Besides our RV travels, that adventure may include a trip to Europe. Stay tuned for more news.

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