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Daphne, Joey, and Bon overlooking river? in Kazaringa National Park in Assam,...

Kazaringa National Park

Park description



From Joey:

"On Friday we made our way by bus from Guwahati to Kohora, home to Kaziranga National Park! This was exciting for us as it was one of the first places we read about when “studying” the North East states. The bus took around 5 hours, including a brief lunch stop for some traditional Assamese thali."

Joey continuing:

"We arrived in Kohora at 5:30pm, which by this point the sun was down and it was DARK. No street lights, just the lights of trucks, buses and motorbikes laying on their horn as they’re coming full speed at you. After a few kilometres of walking back and forth and asking people where the Aranya Guest House was, we finally made it there to check in for the night. The nice men working even walked a km in order to get us some beer that we so desperately needed by that point."


From Joey:

"The next morning we switched to Bonani hostel, which was Rs 150, which is around $2.50. That made up for our luxury stay the previous night. "


And continuing from Joey:

"We spent Sunday in the National Park on a jeep tour and it was as amazing as expected. We saw tons of rhinos, elephants (both working and wild), multiple species of deer, buffalo, wild bore and birds. A lot of birds. Most likely more animals, but I think the sun has got to me and I can’t think of any others. The park is 430 square kilometres and has been divided into Eastern, Central and Western Ranges for tours offered. We toured through the Western Range of the park as suggested by a woman we met at our hostel. Elephant tours are offered through the Central Range, and I was happy to see that they only run once a day from 7-8am before it gets hot....The jeep is the way to go- more time in the park, cover more ground and flexible start time! "

Tomorrow we head to Majuli! "

Email from Bon:

"had a fun jeep safari this afternoon (Sunday the 20th) to Kazaringa, saw lots of rhinos, birds, deer, elephants working, and ... ?? Leave tom for Lohtak and over to Majullli - should be good."

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