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Octopus eyeball

Here is a spot we meant to get to last time many little time. This is but a stone's throw offshore Fremantle, maybe 25 minutes by fast ferry. We rode bikes about 15 miles all around the island and have almost recovered from it. Beautiful vistas, blue clear water, no cars but the occasional bus and...quokkas!!

Marsupials come in all sizes from tiny to enormous. These little fellows stand about like a small rabbit. They will come out and see you if there is salt to lick off your bicycle rims. They are quite adorable and will let you pet them. I don't suppose these guys have been fed before. I was amazed to see them still eat leaves and berries in public places. Refreshing and what a relief. Releaf.

Walking along a beach I spot this apricot or something floating in the timeline. Without much thought I blithely toss to the seagulls who are interested for some reason and of course eat it up. At about this moment an enormous pelican about the size of a Qing comes sea planing in to see who has the nerve to deprive him of an apricot and bombs right up to me and opens this cavernous maw right in my face! I can see down to his gullet!,

This is quite a cheeky fellow, about bowled me over! Sorry am now fresh out and I don't think you would be amused with the offering of an a fruit anyway?

II almost forgot to tell the octopus story! While playing around in the shallows, I see what appears to be perhaps a tentacle tucked into a crevice. Ever interested in these fellows, but not quite willing to noodle into the hole, I scramble about for a ....stick? All I find is Seagrams. So I grab that and dangle it in front of the hole and ZAP, quick as lightening he whips out the end of the tentacle to my finger to see if I am worth considering for lunch...delighting and startling me all at once., but wait, it gets better...he decides maybe my foot is worth a lick and he exits his hiding ce and shoots over to my foot! At which point jlay starts doing the Watusi as much as I want to grab way I could catch that on film! How many hours and days of diving and that was the best octo encounter to date,

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