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Another big blessing in that we could cabbage onto Scott's work trip to Perth, which is terrific in many ways. Like some good deals during our CG days, sometimes family can take up space with you just for the reasonable cost of airline tickets. Food being half the cost of SIngapore, especially Angmo staples. Like meat. I am trying not to lose my mind over it. But we are freezing some and bringing it back in our checked bags. SImple things like a burger by SAK become a thing of wonder and marvel. The salad one can just buy loose in the store is divine, plus sprouts, plus the Kalamata olives and grape tomatoes are extra sweet and I am in salad nirvana.

We stay at a house apartment with landlord upstairs and other guests below in the basement, a view of the Swan River, and a piano, in a nice quiet neighborhood, all for less than a hotel? Thank you, God!

There is a bbq and it is a flat grill of a thing, no open flame per se. This is called a cockie grill. Because. It is what farmers use and farmers build homes near waterholes in the outback. And that is where the cockatoos gather. Hence, farmers are cockies. This type of circular reasoning is the process for many an unusual term here down under in Oz. And btw, they never put a shrimp on the barby here. Only Paul Hogan and he on the east coast. Unfortunately, I considered pancakes on the grill way too late in the game.

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