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We were pleased to be greeted by another wonderful day this morning, and sat outdoors with our coffee. As our coffee was nearly finished we heard some Glen Miller music (Moonlight Serenade) coming from across the street. We looked over there and saw our friends, Richard & Jane, dancing together in their coach house. That was really neat.

We were thinking that our friends are pretty much the same type of people in this one way. They have strong marriages and it is not uncommon for them to have been married for 20, 30, 40, or even 50 or more years. Good people who love their spouse and aren’t afraid to show it.

Later in the morning, Marilyn went off to do some shopping for new clothing. Thankfully, she left me at home to get some work done.

We had a huge flower pot on the patio, which had contained a very large plant, but the plant was dead. Marilyn wanted me to break up the pot (It was already broken) and spread the dirt around the tree next to our patio.

I did just that, as the pot simply fell apart. I have to say that the root ball must have weighed 70 or 80 pounds and I struggled to get it into a large trash bag and into the trash can. Once I had that done though, I cleaned the patio off and raked the dirt neatly around the tree. We have grass seed to plant now.

Marilyn returned from her shopping excursion a bit disappointed as she bought only a pretty blouse.

I grilled a steak while Marilyn fixed a great salad and we enjoyed a late lunch.

Around 4:00 we drove over to Mike & Marian’s house for a Happy Hour. We had a nice visit and the time passed too quickly.

Now we are home and ready for a quiet evening together.

Life is Good!

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