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We sure had an enjoyable day today. Marilyn left to get her hair fixed while I worked outdoors putting the cushions on the chairs and getting the grill clean so that I could fix a late lunch on the grill.

I lit all four burners on the grill and it quickly went to more than 400 degrees. I’m still working to learn how to control the temperature, as I cook different things. Today, I had three “mushroom & veggie” type of shish-ka-bobs and eight salmon patties to cook so I used all four burners again.

The salmon patties were a bit overdone on one side but the veggies were just right. I had coated the veggies with EVOO and sprinkled them with garlic salt and lemon pepper. The entire meal was delicious in spite of the char on one side.

Marilyn & I spent part of our day washing and waxing her car and it looks nice. However, I noticed numerous tiny rock chips on the car and I hate that.

I had ordered mud flaps for the truck which has dual rear wheels, and I’ll pick those up tomorrow. I hope to get them installed on Thursday or Friday.

Marilyn & I showered and dressed for the evening event.

The resort here was holding a gathering on Lark Street (That’s where we live) called “Lounging on Lark”. The street was blocked off and people from all over the resort carried chairs down the street to sit in a huge circle and visit with one another. Our friends, Mike & Marian, walked to our place from where they had parked their car, and we all walked together, carrying lawn chairs and a cold beverage, to where the gathering was congregating.

We visited with friends we knew and some we just met, and had a nice time.

Around 6:00, we walked home, exchanged hugs with Mike & Marian, and went inside to settle down for the evening.

It was another fine day and we now have nearly all of our work completed. We are ready for gatherings here at our place and ready for more fun and adventures as we get out and about.

Now it is time to take a break and enjoy our little piece of paradise, here in the RGV.

Life is Good!

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