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Y2 not in her element. you could stay here...

but we stayed here...Inside the cottage

Wendy at her seafood shack with the music

Waterfront behind it

los tres cabarellas

yin getting the hang of it


the weather started getting rough...


blending in with the orangemen

Yin Yin meets the locals

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Incoming orangemen!!

Have always wanted to title an entry as such. Dear friend Wendy is actually from Sarawak...does it conjure pictures of natives that eat enemies and the like? It wasn't that long ago! But first of all, like much of Malaysia, many or perhaps even most denizens are actually...Chinese! This has messed me up since my first trip to Malaysia....where are all the Malaysians?? Sometimes you have to look for them!

We had a tutor's weekend with 3 moms total. The objectives: kayaking the Sarawak River and ...The Wild Men of Borneo!! After much shrieking and protest from my trip mates, they condescended to humor me on this gambit.

First surprise: Stopping for seafood lunch at a remote oceanfront rustic place and what do my wondering ears do I hear? Is that Christian music? How is this possible? OK, we are definitely not in Indonesia. Although sometimes it is hard to remember exactly where you are. Many churches may be seen as we are driving about the place. My trip mates allow me to drive them all over which keeps my driving skills somewhat less than dull, if only just for the left hand side...

We go out from our very cool Kebun in the jungle run by a local guy who has some Portuguese Malaysian type...who sounds very much like Dutch, whose wife is...Chinese...in search of orangutan. Alas, too many noisy visitors and the fellows refuse to drop in from the wild. Not a one to be seen. OK, off we go to kayak. We put in at a swift running tributary of the river which produces even more shrieking from travel mates having never attempted it before. I am also a bit askance at how this might work with my trip mates, but nevamind, la!! It will be fine!

And so it is!, We have a great time along some very untouched looking jungle, not too many rapids. The heavens opened up and we actually just about got cold in the jungle, but it did reduce the the UV to nil. Some great waterfalls and take out at a small village for lunch of fish and chili.

Surprise two! What is that gathering of folks on the river? With umbrellas! Can that possibly be a baptism?? What's up with that? Is that even allowed? We got a kick out of it that they used a stick to keep the candidates to hang onto to keep them from floating away. So cool to see!!

We return to the scene of the possible orangutan sightings. And do we ever find favor! Not one, not two, but three fine orange woolly fellows with one naked baby two weeks old!! How cool is that? They get fed once they roll in, not like they set the food as bait. Much better than imagined.

If I send this out, you have to promise to come back after I post the kayaking pictures. I am remiss, as usual. They asked if the footage can be used in from Monsoon Wedding II. Film at 11.

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