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End of Adventure

This morning we awakened in time to finish packing and say goodby to Argentina! Marcos and the bus (with driver) met us at the hotel to get us to the airport for our long journey home! We were glad to have Marcos and Jorge assist with our checkin - Judi and I were able to get our boarding passes for all three flights, we would have to pick up our luggage in Buenos Aires domestic airport and then recheck it at the International airport several kilometers away. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires with luggage we were a little delayed finding our bus as the PSA (airport police) had blocked incoming vehicles - so after Jorge found the bus we had to hoof it a ways to the bus. The plan was for all to go to the hotel and then to the International terminal at different times as we had different schedules. Judi and I had a 6pm flight and after the delay at the domestic terminal it was 3:45 by the time we got to the hotel and it's an hour minimum to the International terminal! Upon arrival at the hotel, our luggage was swiftly transferred to the taxi service and we said our quick goodbyes to our six traveling companions and Jorge and hurried off. On our way to the International terminal we drove right by the domestic terminal!! Upon arrival at the LAN counter we were delayed by the agent as it seemed first our flight was delayed and we would have to be rerouted through Santiago, then that would not work as there was no connecting flight out of Santiago!! Frustration is mounting! Finally our luggage is checked and we get our boarding passes at approximately 5:00pm - boarding begins at 5:15! We must show our passports and boarding passes to the pre security personnel and the gentleman says "good luck" and let us through! Next gauntlet is security scanning - Judi Bailey's carryon was checked and rechecked. After several frustrating minutes and some communication issues it was discovered that Judi had a wine opener that was causing the rescreening! Problem solved, we should be able to walk around the corner to the gate area - not to be! There is a line for immigration! Another 10 minutes and we arrive at the gate just as they are boarding! We get settled in for our 5 hour flight to Lima where we have a five hour layover prior to our 7 hour flight to LA! Upon arrival at Lima we found a bar to have a bite to eat and surprise surprise ESPN was on showing the final game of the World Series - Cubs won!

Landed at LAX at 8:15am on Thursday and were through customs, with luggage and in the car at 9:03am! All in all it was a great trip with many fond memories! JC

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