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Sunrise, enroute to Santa Rosalia

Leaping dolphins keep us company!

Debra and Mark of the s/v Seangel

Tao Min (left) and Seangel at Marina Santa Rosalia

We left in conjunction with the 1:30 a.m. high tide, to catch the ebb out of the bay, through the tide rips, and on our way south. The early start had three main purposes:

1) Easily clear the tide rips at the south end of the bay

2) Pass the part of the coast with strong West winds in daylight, when the winds are generally less

3) Arrive in Santa Rosalia in daylight

We are glad to report we easily reached all three of our goals, which made the early a.m. start well worth it!

Once we were underway, Cathie went back down and rested for two hours while Kevin stood a 2 to 4 watch, and then Cathie took over and Kevin rested from 4 to 6. Neither actually slept, but rest is alway good. Both saw lots of dolphins in the moonlight. Kevin had the fun of a 3 knot ebb current, resulting in a speed over the ground of almost 9 knots (that is really fast for our boat!). The ebb reduced some during Cathie's watch, but we were still making 6 knots by the end of it. We both saw lots of dolphins. We hit the high wind area right at sunrise, and dolphins were soon jumping as we have often seen them do at sunrise -- not sure it is coincidental or if there is some purpose to it -- we don't speak their language so we can't ask. We had some wind from the west, but nothing too strong -- we were able to motor sail and continue to make good time.

One of the more exciting events during our journey ocurred while Kevin was making breakfast (Captain Kevin is also the breakfast chef, while the first mate handles lunch, dinner and dishes). Cathie saw lots of what looked like decent sized tuna jumping, probably skipjacks. She even started jumping up and down and telling them to go bite our lure (we troll while underway). Cathie rarely gets so excited about fishing .... Anyway, just after that, our line started rattling, and sure enough we had one -- it looked like a good sized one! Cathie yelled "WE HAVE A FISH!" Kevin burst out into the cockpit to get it in, but it was off. When we later looked at our lure, it was missing several parts and the hooks were both bent straight. It was a big fish! Oh well .... we tried to arrive in Santa Rosalia with fish to share, but no such luck. We had a few more hits, but our lure was pretty mangled and everything got off after that.

We made the 78 nautical mile trip in just under 14 hours, averaging 5.7 knots, which is the fastest we have averaged for a journey since we have been keeping track! We were very pleased.

We tied up next to Seangel, and after a little relaxation headed to a local restaurant together for a grilled chicken dinner.

We spent the next few days cleaning the boat (lots of fresh water at the dock!), doing laundry (laundry machines at the marina!), getting diesel, filling our water tanks, buying lots of food at cheaper prices than BLA, watching Sunday night football at a local sports bar, and grilling some very yummy shrimp.

We also had the famous hot dogs from the famous hot dog cart. Well .... Kevin had 2 and Cathie had a couple of bites of one of them. They are good -- grilled, wrapped in bacon, lots of toppings, fresh baked buns from the local famous bakery.

We are planning to leave tomorrow morning (9/20), making our way to Puerto Escondido in a few hops. Due to what we remember as rather expensive Internet in Puerto Escondido, we may wait to update our web site again when we make a trip back to the USA the first week in October.

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