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After coffee this morning, Marilyn drove off to do some shopping. I made the bed and then dressed for some outdoor work. I finished trimming the vines along the fence and raked up some trimmings from a bush around the palm tree at the street. I also programmed the outdoor lights to remain on from dusk until four hours later. They do provide lots of atmosphere when we are sitting outdoors with a glass of wine in the evening.

Marilyn fixed sandwiches for lunch when she returned. By that time, it was getting hot outdoors so we quit working and went indoors to the Air Conditioning.

Most of our “Returning to the Valley” work is done and things are looking really nice around here. In fact, I may get some pictures taken to share with you dear readers.

Marilyn did go back out later in the afternoon, to pick up those pesky olives which seem to rain down constantly from that decorative olive tree. The tree itself is just so attractive that we have decided that it is worth the extra work and we’ll keep it. At least we’ll keep it for now. LOL

We have been so busy that we haven’t done much other than the trip over to Mexico, but now we are beginning to feel a bit more freedom. We are taking Lex & Bonnie out for lunch or dinner on Saturday.

We have so many friends to see and do things with that we know we’ll be really busy with fun adventures and activities as the season progresses.

Beginning tomorrow, our weather is supposed to be great for the next two weeks, with temperatures around 78 to 80 degrees and no rain. That is perfect!

I’m sure that I can see trips to Mexico and to South Padre Island in our near future.

I’m also sure that some Happy Hour gatherings will be happening on the patio. I’m anxious to grill some ribs soon also. Steve has given me some great “Rubs” to use on those baby back ribs.

Tasty snacks, cold drinks, background music, meat and veggies on the grill, and good company. Now that is what the Winter Texan life is all about.

Oh Yeah, Life is Good!

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