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Leaving the Baja shore behind (for a few hours)

Isla Las Animas

Enjoying dinner in Bahia San Francisquito at dusk

We had a leisure morning, and got underway for our trip south just after 10:00. We planned to go either to Animas Slot (on the Baja shore) or Isla Las Animas, depending on which way the wind wanted to take us, conditions, etc. Underway, it seemed we would have no trouble making it to Isla Las Animas, making it further south along our way, so we headed that way.

We had a nice time sailing for about 2 hours, and then the wind died as we got further from land. This was consistent with the forecast of winds being primarily generated in proximity to land due to temperature gradients. We then motor sailed the rest of the way.

We arrived at Isla Las Animas at around 5:15 p.m., about an hour before sunset. But, we didn't like the anchorage at all -- too many rocks, too tight. We had a big moon, and we were only about 10 miles from Bahia San Francisquito, where we had been before. So, we decided to head there, even though we would arrive in the dark.

We had a smooth journey. We approached the anchorage very slowly, but did recognize familiar landmarks in the moonlight. We were expecting to see the s/v Seangel there -- they had left Don Juan a few hours before we did with the intent of making it to San Francisquito. We didn't see their anchor light because they didn't have one on! But, we could see them in the moonlight after we got closer. (After saying we were going to give them a hard time about that one, we were so tired we forgot to turn ours on .... so, we couldn't say much next time we saw them ....)

We successfully anchored, had a quick and easy dinner, and then had a nice and restful night sleep, having arrived several days earlier than planned.

We spent one more day in San Francisquito. We spent the morning planning our journey to Santa Rosalia, a tricky one where we got hammered by West winds overnight that last time we did it heading north. There are also tide rips when exiting the bay, necessitating leaving on an ebb tide. Good thing we figured it out right away, because the best time to leave was early a.m. on the 16th!

We did some snorkeling the afternoon of the 15th (after our planning session). There were LOTS of big fish, the most we have seen anywhere. Oh well, no time to fish ....

We returned to the boat and then readied to leave at "o' dark thirty," had dinner, and headed to bed shortly after sunset.

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