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This plant is in the bush near Cosy Corner Campground

Another day today of not travelling far! We turned off the South-West Highway not far from Denmark and headed a little further east to Cosy Corner campground at Torbay which is about halfway between Denmark and Albany. (Isn’t Cosy Corner a cute name??! However, my favourite name for this region is Snottygobble Loop which is west of Northcliffe. Apparently Snottygobble is a type of eucalypt tree and the loop is obviously a loop through these trees- but because it was deep in national park we didn’t actually get there). Cosy Corner is just outside West Cape Howe national park which is the most southern promontory in WA. Hopefully the weather will start to warm up when we leave here and we start moving in a north easterly direction for a while!

The campground is a freebie and we were quite lucky to actually find a spot to park our van. You can camp here for a week and the campsite is really well set up with each site clearly marked with fences and thickets of bush between, but they are varying sizes and not many are suitable for a van our size. However, we did find one suitable and after setting up camp we took the dogs for a run on the beach. Once again the beach was virtually deserted so the dogs had a wonderful time. The weather was still a bit windy and rainy so once back at the van it was a quiet evening at home.

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