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San Martin Falls

Another View of San Martin Falls

View of Falls from the Upper Trail

More Views of the Upper Falls



"After" the Boat Ride

During the Boat Ride

It was another early day. It had rained really hard with thunder and lightning during the night Judi tells me. I slept thru it all and didn't hear a thing. The weather forecast was 100% rain, 1-2 inches, and high humidity. Their weather forecasts are as good as ours and it was a beautiful day. A little overcast which was nice because the temperature was very comfortable. Today we are going to visit the Argentinian side of the Falls at the Iguazu National Park and Marco, our local guide, made a strong case for getting to the park early to try and get ahead of the horde of visitors. We took the Rainforest Train up to the trail to the lookout balcony for the Devil's Throat where we could watch the water drop 230 ft into the river below. As long as the water flow isn't too high, you can take the catwalk out to the balcony and look over the edge of the falls. The catwalk and balcony are constructed such that when the water flow rises, they can be taken down. Yesterday from the Brazilian side we had a panoramic view of the entire falls and were struck by the beauty. Today from the Argentinian side we are up close and are struck by the size, power and roar of the falls. Marco had been right and as we are leaving more and more people are showing up. We got back on the train and got off at the stop part way down to do the Upper Trail which would take us past several falls up to the powerful San Martin. The trail then loops back through the forest and takes us to the our lunch stop. Judi and I opted for some empenadas and gelato. Judi tried the dulce de leche (chocolate and caramel) and a flavor that had "whiskey" in its name caught my attention. It was delicious--candied orange peel soaked in whiskey in vanilla. We were going to sit outside but there was a coati walking around pretty close to our table so we decided to sit inside. Coatis are from the racoon family and look like a cross between a racoon and a possum. They are scrounging for food and have been known to take the food off your table and they also bite. Our little guy had just knocked over the trash can before he was chased away. But he came back and we decided he might just a little too agressive. After lunch we walked the lower trail which took us down to the landing for the power boats. Our last activity was going to be a ride around, under, and thru some of the falls. The walk down was a little challenging, especially the part where there was no railing and others were coming up with some trying to change into dry clothes. Fortunately, we would be getting out at another location that would be much less challenging and trucks would take us back to the park entrance. The ride was exciting and we got drenched. I didn't get to see too much with all the water hitting me in the face. But it was fun and a great way to end our trip. We had one last group dinner that was a huge steak (so good) and then it was time to pack as we would be going home tomorrow. What a great day. JB

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