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Elk Antler Arch. One of several in Jackson WY

The license plates have bronc riders. Someone added one to this deer...

The Tetons

The Tetons from Mormon Road

Jimmie and Sandy go rafting with us

Someone found this young water snake

Mike jumps in. He looks kinda cold dont you think?

The Snake River

Paddling on the Snake River

The Tetons

We took a couple of weekend trips into the Tetons. These photos are a combination of them. We went with a couple of co-workers on a raft trip down the Snake River near Jackson. The first part of the raft trip was a scenic float trip. It was a beautiful sunshine day. We passed the home of Tiger Woods and the huge ranch of Harrison Ford. One story we were told about him was that he rode a motorcycle to a local convenience store and went to pay for his purchase with his helmet still on. The guy at the register says “Who are you? Darth Vader?” He opened his helmet and said “No, Hans Solo”. Haha. The next part of the trip was white water. I got to paddle. Mike, Jimmy and Sandy all took inside seats but I wanted something to do. I told Mike his job was to make sure I didn’t fall out, and to grab my jacket. It would have worked out all right if he did not give me a little shove each time he grabbed me! I did not fall out, but felt like I was! We did get to a nice quiet deep spot where the guide said anyone who wanted to could have an “Out of boat experience”. The next thing we heard was a big splash and Mike was in the water. Two kids also jumped in but came out just as quick as they went in with their eyes wide open exclaiming how cold it was. Mike was the only adult crazy enough to go in.

Along the park is a place called Mormon Road. There is an old settlement here and some of the buildings still exist. They are beautiful to photograph with the mountains behind them. At this time the mountains had no snow on them. I always remember them as being big white capped mountains. It was strange to see them so bare, but still they are beautiful.

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