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We knew that it would be a busy morning because we had Richard coming to wash the RV and a good friend coming to help with the drip irrigation system.

Marilyn fixed coffee while I took my shower and dressed. Then we sat together talking until the coffee was finished off.

When Bonnie arrived, I turned on the water for the irrigation system and we quickly located three major leaks. Bonnie quickly had those fixed using her case of parts and tools. She used to work in that business and certainly knows what she is doing.

With the leaks repaired and most of the “feeders” removed, and plugged, we were ready to re-program the control box. That was not difficult because it is pretty much “user friendly”.

We do have some extra work to do, to replace a couple of valves and to hook up more “feeder” lines to keep the plants watered while we are gone during the summer.

By the time we finished with the irrigation system, Richard was here and soon our RV looked great. It is now clean and shiny, looking almost new. Hooray!

Once Richard left, I moved the truck and the car back into the drive and gave some thought into working on the plants and the tree on our property. It needs trimming and the vines growing along the fence at the back of our property need to be trimmed back also. They have begun growing into the overhanging tree branches and must be trimmed back.

Once in a while I have to be reminded why I wanted to own property again. After ten years of a really simplified lifestyle, I have to join Marilyn outdoors on the patio, with the fireplace going and music playing over the Bluetooth speakers and maybe a hot, steaming cup of coffee, to remind me why it is so nice to have this as our “Home Base”.

It is the times like that when we can lean back in our chair cushions and say, with a smile on our face, “Life is Good”.

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