Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Tim's Birthday. Brek..Tim noodles, Jo toast.

'SImpson' the guide again. Did Wind and Clearwater caves - up river on long boat, stopped at local market which wasn't very busy as lots were in church (could hear them singing).

Bought jewellery (approx £7) all locally made (hopefully).

Tim Laska noodles for lunch. I had Chicken in spicy tom yam broth...yummy but very spicy.

Walked 'Botanical Loop' critter spotting then down to bat exodus. Noisy children made us leave early but made it back in the nick of time for a downpour, everyone else got wet. Sat on the veranda of 'Wild Banana'and watched them.

Got our ponchos out, over bingo bridge for tea and a couple of beers...bats flying all around the restaurant...fab day!

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