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On the rickshaw

A vegetable vendor

Stuck in traffic

Electricians dream!

Another vendor

Humayan's tomb

India Gate

But mom, the bus was full!

A regular day in traffic

Ghandi's last residence - a room in this house

The spot of the assassination

An interesting day today in Delhi. First a trip to a market in Old Delhi. Today is the day before Diwali, the biggest festival in India, more or less equivalent to Christmas, so apparently the markets were extra busy. We rode a rickshaw through a sea of humanity, cars, bicycles, motor cycles and more rickshaws. It is extremely hard to explain the atmosphere but hopefully my photos will help tell the story. Needless to say it was a bit overwhelming.

After the rickshaw ride experience we went to a mosque right beside the market. Very old mosque and very serene inside. Unfortunately we were unable to take any photos.

We then moved to Humayan's tomb. A tomb built by a wife for her deceased husband, a Moghul ruler, after his death. It took 7 years and was completed in 1572 at a cost of 1.5 million rupees at the time. It has been significantly restored but not to its original beauty inside. Apparently it originally had very expensive Persion Silk Carpets covering the floor, but those were taken by other rulers as they conquered India. It is a Unesco World Heritage site and is a sight to behold.

Finally we went to the site of the martyrdom of Mahatma Ghandi. A solemn place and well maintained. The Indians still have a soft spot in their heart for the Mahatma as it is he who helped bring independence from Britain.

Throughout the day we saw quite a few slum areas where living conditions were squalid or did not exist at all. Some people lived on the meridians between the streets and we're obviously extremely poor. It really makes one appreciate what we have in back home. In this blog you will not find any pictures of these slums as I made a choice not to take any pictures. I can remember what they look like, I don't need pictures to remind me.

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