Rosilea's and Patty's Route 66 adventure 2016 travel blog

Menu from the earliest McDonalds

Barbie serving up a Happy Meal

One of the displays inside the museum, a hand pumped fuel pump...

Richfield Station being restored

Cash Register in the station

Manikin wearing a Richfield service uniform

Sycamore Inn in Rancho Cocamonga

Santa Monica Pier -- End of the line!

End of the Road sign in Santa Monica

so -- I put the intersection where we were to hook up with Route 66 in San Bernardino in my GPS and surprise of all surprises, when I arrived -- I'm in front of the location of the first McDonalds. McDonalds is no longer at the site but the new owners have put in a museum to honor the site. The current owner is also a fast food restaurantor 'Jaun Pollo.' Since we were there we decided to have lunch before moving on. So -- we are officially back on the Route. The towns along the Route have really gotten into the swing of things. We pass Route 66 markers all along the way. Traffic is horrendous! But we are enjoying the trip. We spot a Richfield station in Rancho Cucamonga being renovated. We stop to check it out. In case you haven't caught on, yet; I love these museums! Just up the road is the Sycamore Inn, an old stage stop dating back to 1848 -- and from the reviews a great steak house!

We continue our trek through Pasadina, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hill and finally Santa Monica. The place is packed due to special events going on, there is no parking and it is dark (7:00 PM) when we arrive at the Santa Monica Pier. My Aunt Virginia joined us for this leg of the trip, and she is able to take a photo through the crowd from the window of the car. We didn't get a picture of the End of the Road Sign with us in front of it, BUT we made it!! 42 days from the start.

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