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All right- (yet) another food entry. Velario took us all out for dinner last night (after we finished our homework, of course). He took us to this really good restaurant fairly close to our apartment where they had really good pizza and really good seafood (apparently my two new favorite foods). And we tried some REALLY interesting foods. Sarah got the Risotto Nero as an appetizer, which I almost got, but I ended up with Gnocchi caliente instead. Turns out, risotto nero LITERALLY means black risotto (with fish- which apparently has black ink) , and I swear her plate looked like a pile of tar. But I did try it, and it was pretty good if you could get over the color. Mine, on the other hand, came with mussels piled on top and an extra bowl for the shells. I ate them all, however, and they were surprisingly tasty and NOT slimy. All of my smart roommates got pizza as a second course, but I decided to try mixed grilled fish. Swordfish was one of them, which was very good, but the other two were squid and octopus!! I tries these, as well, and actually enjoyed the squid (again, if you can get over the visual representation), but could probably do without the texture of the octopus. But, hey, at least now I can say I've tried them!

Oh, on a side note, I did a presentation on Veneto today, and it went really well. So if anyone would care to visit Venice, Verona, or Padua any itme soon, I am now an expert (sort of :)). And after class, we all did a little bit more shopping. I got a really cute sweatshirt, because it is actually starting to get quite chilly here all of a sudden. I think I might have to consider purchasing a coat...

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