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We are up early. We go down to 'desayuno' just before 8.30a. We are shown into a closed dark restaurant. We say "Cerrado." The manager agrees but offers juice, toast and coffee. Sounds great. She prepares all. The 'toast' is a toasted hoagie bun. But makes a great breakfast. After we pack up and check out. We head east along A7 towards Barcelona. It is cloudy and threatening rain again. We travel along the coast to Alacant and then head inland on C31.

What a beautiful drive! The sky lightens, clouds are higher. We can see the tops of the teepee-shaped mountains. We see a neat-shaped castle complete with walls and towers on a narrow mountain top. It is made of golden colored blocks of rock. It is at Sax. We take CV 80 to A7. We cut through red, beige, browns and yellows rock cliffs. We follow a valley across a peninsula. We see several hilltop towns, each with their own castles. Far below in the valley floor is the modern town. As we approach Valencia and the coast, the heavens open and it rains hard. So much that we avoid Valencia just as we did Cartagena.

We carry on on A7. The weather clears and we stop for a late picnic lunch. We follow N430 as A7 joins AP 7, the Autopista. We stop north of L'Ampolla and backtrack to the platge. We find Hotel Sol across from the harbour and choose a room.

"De Canada" is repeated several times to several other people with awe. We look at one another and smile. Negotiations are all in Spanish. We have a seaside room. We settle in and go for a walk. We stop for tapas and wine. This is dinner.

Afterwards we wandered back back to our room. It rains again and we stay in. Tomorrow is another day. We have only 150 kms left to go.

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