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Mary in Heavy Negotiation at Thursday Masai Market (Junction Mall, Nairobi)

Lazy day today.

Mary & I go up for breakfast around 9AM, but Donny & Polly pass because of last night’s “beast of a feast” at Carninvore.

We verify we’ve got a late checkout until 6PM, and head to the Masai Market (which is held in different locations in Nairobi based on the day of the week. Even though it is a National Holiday today, the Market is being held at its regular Thursday spot ... the Junction Mall.

Last minute tee shirts & trinkets are picked up, and we head to the Food Court for lunch. The pizza was pretty good!

We got back to the hotel just after 2PM & hit the showers to be fresh for our journey starting tonight.

Mary & I got our bags weighed (& Mary’s just made it), and we had a light dinner at the hotel before getting picked up by Pollman’s for the transfer to the airport.

Talk about security ... first there is a vehicle check maybe a km from the terminal. The four of us had to get out & were searched in a separate building. Then back in the van & to the terminal. An immediate bag scan at the door, then inside the door Mary & my bags were randomly chosen for a hand search. Next boarding passes & our bags are on the way to YVR. Then another body scan & xray of our hand luggage then up the stairs for another scan! We see the duty free & the gate number & we thin we’re home free, but they call for people to for our flight (still 2.5 hours away) to get to the gate. Once our passports are checked by the British Airways attendant & our boarding pass clipped we go thru two more body scans & hand luggage xrays before we are put in a holding area with no air conditioning, bar, or restrooms. Not sure that’s gonna work!

Remember that couple from Mission. The were supposed to head our right from Carnivore to the airport for the midnight flight to Amsterdam, connecting to Vancouver. The wife was standing at our gate in Nairobi! Their flight didn’t get away due to a part problem. They were given a hotel voucher & were told to be back at the airport at 5:30AM. Obviously they didn’t get away and were ending up on their original flight, just 24 hours late. She looked beat!

Our flight took off on time, and we arrived at 6AM in London.

We’re now sitting in United lounge (US$59/pp). We’ll hangout out here for 6 or 7 hours before boarding.

This may well be my last blog entry for this trip. I hope the 1 or 2 of you who read it enjoyed it.

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