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We decided to take AP7 as we have to be in Barcelona by Sunday. It looks like it is a long way and today is Thursday. We go east back through tunnels and around mountains past Motril high above the sea. Just east of Motril we defy the GPS and head off into 'no roads' as we follow A7. We follow the coast and occasionally drive on a road for quite a few miles. We even go through tunnels. The GPS is strangely quiet. We are to Adra before we travel on the GPS's road again.

Here the land is dry and mountainous. Greenhouses are everywhere. Some are plastic, some are plastic with net sides, some are made entirely of net. They are maybe 5 feet high with flat roofs. Very occasionally they are structures similar to greenhouses in B.C. East of Almeria we take N341 to A5105. We travel through beautiful little towns. Some are a little touristy but not as much as in the west. We climb up mountains and descend to the sea. Greenhouses are left behind. We travel through Cabo de Gato-Negril National Park. Scenery is spectacular. We stop at a small seaside restaurant for lunch. It takes 3 hours to drive to Aguilas. Here we join AP7 again to go around Cartagena, a big city. We go off the autopista at Las Alcazares to look for a hotel. At Santiago de la Ribera we find a hotel across from the sea. As we look at a map of the town, we find it is a large lagoon. After we are settled in, and it has rained, we go for a walk. Town is quiet. Restaurants are empty. This town is where the Spanish come for summer vacations. We find an open restaurant and as darkness falls and lights come on, we enjoy a quiet dinner. We walk back to our hotel. We journalize and watch a bit of TV.

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