St. Maarten getaway 2016 travel blog

View from our balcony this morning

Oasis of the Seas leaving the port in Philipsburg

View of the draw bridge out our front door

Looking to the left out our front door

Key Lime pie for dessert

Details about tomorrow's sail to St. Barth

After a good night's sleep, we were up and in the pool by 9am. Since we didn't have anything planned for today and the weather was beautiful, we decided to just chill out in the pool. People started gathering around 9:30 and at 9:45, Michael arrive to lead us in water aerobics. Steve got back in the pool and joined me in 30 minutes of exercise. It was actually quite fun. Then we hung out on the lounge chairs and hopped in the pool when we got hot. We chatted with Steven and Claire from Scotland, and found out that she had been sick with a virus since Monday evening. She went to a doctor on the island this morning, and he prescribed 3 different medicines and a bottle of cough syrup. I asked her how the experience was (since you never know what it is going to be like when you are out of your country) and she said it was very good and not as expensive as they feared - $105 for the doctor visit and all the medicine. Claire said that in Scotland, their medicine is free, but the doctors only prescribe one type of medicine regardless of what is wrong with you. We also talked to another couple - Steve and Nancy - who used to live in Atlanta but now live in Indianapolis. He works for a large construction company and they flip houses. So we shared renovation horror stories with them for a while. Then we met another guy named Steve - I think there was a "Steve convention" going on - and he was yapping about something I wasn't interested in so I didn't pay a lot of attention - LOL. Then the activities folks played music trivia and had music blaring out of the speakers - all the drunks at the bar were singing along. Quite amusing. So about 4:30 we left the pool and went to our room to shower and change for dinner.

We decided to go to Topper's again, and ran into a couple that we had met on the Santino cruise on Monday. We told them that we missed them at dinner last night, and they said they didn't get out of their owner update until 10pm! Their owner update started at lunchtime. Wow. They apparently did some restructuring of their ownership and also traded a week at a traditional timeshare for more points, so that took a while. Today, they went on a "shark tagging" excursion, but the scientists didn't catch any sharks so it was a bust.

Sitting at the table next to us was another couple that was staying at the Royal Palm, and they were comped a dinner at Topper's by Diamond because their owner update took much longer than expected. We talked to them about all the places that they had traveled using their points. It is such fun to talk to people about how they use their points and the places that they travel to.

After dinner, we headed over to the Princess Casino to check it out. We played a little on the slots but they weren't paying out, so then we played roulette. I won several times, and doubled my money once, but it was slow after that so we cashed out and headed back to the room. Plus, they allowed smoking in the casino and my throat can't handle it.

Tomorrow is our all-day catamaran trip to St. Barth with a snorkeling stop along the way. Since I have chilled out all week, maybe I will be able to snorkel without having a panic attack. Stay Tuned!

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