Our setup on space J

looking down the street, not many here....

looking to the other end.

The look out our window.

Beckyi gets out to pick up trash on the lake

We pick up our first full bucket

We fill up another bucket and part of a bag, the oar...

As we finish, we look forward to our easy chairs

And lastly we finished with a fourth bucket and partial bag.

Pearl on the shore ready to go fishing

A "smallish" fishy but the first one is always good.

The morning sun catches colorful bushes across the cove

Becky takes care of her flower garden

Dave fishes til sunset

Our ballots look like this

When complete, we mail them back ...

We departed with fair skies and mild temperatures in our favor, after the storm of hurricane Matthew it was a welcome respite. Our drive to Pointes West was only 111 miles due south along the Savannah River. At this RV park, we've been here several times before, we get to choose our site when we make the reservation. That's a nice benefit, it makes this stop predictable for us. We're going to be in this area through the holidays and new year. This area got some rain from Matthew also as it's closer to the coast. Some people who had to flee Matthews wrath have departed and gone to their homes. This park is about 1/10th full. This time of the year most of the RV'ers here are other full-timers.

One of the things we like to do on occasion is clean up parks that don't have the personnel to do so. One day, we got our equipment ready and went out along the shore of the bays and coves to pickup trash. You'll see pictures of the 4 buckets of trash we picked up. It's a reminder to us all, pack out what you pack in ! There's more for us to do on other coves around our place. Dave put the Port-A-Bote, Pearl, together so we can go fishing. Sure enough a couple fish came his way.

One of the top 10 questions we get from others who inquire about our wandering lifestyle is, "How do you vote?" Well usually we vote by absentee ballot. We go online to our county voters registrar and request ballots, they are sent to us wherever we might be at the time. We complete the ballots and mail them in to the county voter registrar office. You'll see pictures of our ballots here for your benefit. One doesn't have to give up any rights as citizens to enjoy this lifestyle.

In a few weeks, we'll be adding up this years data for you, as we always do on our anniversary. But this year, you'll also get the totals and breakdowns of our 10th year Anniversary on the Road. The numbers are incredible and understandable.

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