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Glass and Wood Chapel

Chapel Alter

Chapel Entry

Chapel Ceiling

Mini Waterfall

Garden Tunnel

Cool Gizmo

Bill Playing at Science Museum

Bill Playing with Heat Camera

We had the best time today! After having the hotel’s breakfast buffet, we drove over to Garvan Woodland Gardens. It’s a huge botanic garden that sits along a large lake and is very dog friendly. It has one of the most beautiful chapels I have ever seen, made entirely of glass and wood. The structure made me gasp – it’s so striking! It is strictly a wedding venue. I can’t imagine a more perfect place for it. We probably walked at least 2 miles around the grounds, and only saw half of the gardens. There were numerous waterfalls, and hundreds of large blooming azaleas. The heat and humidity got to us after a couple of hours, so we had lunch and moved on down the road. I had hoped to see the alligator farm nearby, but it is closed on Wednesdays. We went instead to a hands-on science museum that is connected with the Smithsonian. We figured there would probably be a lot of school kids there, but they had all left right before we got there. We had the museum practically all to ourselves (except for a handful of other adults). We got to make animated movies, tornadoes, music, and tested all sorts of unique gizmos. We were both like kids again, playing with everything we could find. My favorite thing was a bench outside. The arms had strips on them, and if we joined hands and each touched the strips on either end of the bench, chimes sang out in various tones. We made some awesome music on it.

We now think that the severe weather is going to stay to our north tonight, but the drive back to Searcy tomorrow will likely be a rainy one. We are hoping the rig is ready and the paint job looks nice. I’m not sure if we will be staying there one more night or not. It depends on what time we get back, when the rig is ready, the weather, and whether we have time to get groceries.

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