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This is Trump's villa. When he is not there, we hear it...

another little shanty...

Fort Louis in Marigot.

the Market in Marigot

Steve, liking the water

resort in Marigot

love the different colors

restaurant where we had lunch in Friar's Bay

another pretty bay

Grand Case

The water cannot get any prettier!

some of the others on our motorboat cruise

big rock in the water

There are still a few prime building sites! LOL

On the Atlantic side of the island

so green and so blue

Pinel Island

more Pinel Island

so, so pretty

Menu board at rib shack

Rib shack

Orgasmic Ribs and Jerk Wings

Today was motorboat cruise day - a package offered by our resort. The taxi driver picked us and 5 other couples up at the resort and took us across the bay to the dock at the Simpson Bay Resort. There we met up with 4 other folks that were staying at a sister resort called the Flamingo. We had a resort representative along for the ride, as well as the captain and female first mate. We headed out for a tour around the island, heading south from our resort. We passed the airport and Mullet Bay, and then on to the highest priced part of the island - a resort called La Samana, where it is reported that a room is $9000 per night! We put down anchor and swam near the boat, feeling like we were high rollers for just a little while. Just past that pricey real estate was Donald Trump's villa. When he is not staying there, it is rented out at the low, low price of $50,000 per week! Just a little out of my price range for sure!

Our tour of the island continued on to Marigot, the capital of the French side of the island. Past Marigot, we made it to Friar's Bay, where we anchored just off shore. We got off the boat, waded to shore and chilled on the beach chairs while lunch was prepared. We had a private table at Friar's Bay Grill. We had selected our entrée before we left the dock back at Simpson Bay. Steve and I each had ribs and they were fantastic. After lunch, it was back in the water for some more swimming and then back on the boat for the continuation of our tour. We motored past Grand Case and on around to the north side of the island where the Atlantic was a bit choppy! We passed around the Northeast side of the island, and saw the Westin from the water...not too shabby at all! Then we headed toward Pinel Island which is really cute. We got off the boat and waded onto the island. We walked over to the iquana area and watched some folks feed them lettuce and tomatoes. One little bright green iguana got a cherry tomato and ran into the bushes. One guy sat down and the iguanas crawled up in his lap for lunch. There was a cute little gift shop tucked in the bushes and rocks - too bad I left my money on the boat! It started sprinkling on us as we got back on the boat and headed towards Tintemarre Island. This is where you can snorkel with the sea turtles and stingrays. Steve got in the water and saw them, but I stayed on the boat and watched the activity from above. Just wasn't feeling like trying the snorkeling action again.

That was our last stop and then we continued to motor around the island, seeing the sights from the water side. We saw the Flamingo, which is where we will be having breakfast tomorrow as part of our timeshare owner update (code for an opportunity to be teased into buying more points). We are interested in seeing the Flamingo as we will probably stay there when we come back next year. We are thinking about pairing up a week at the Flamingo with our 4-night stay at the Westin. Have to make it worth it to fly down here - more than a week is necessary.

When we got back to the resort, we showered and changed and Steve drove me to the pharmacy to pick up a few things. On the way back, we stopped at a roadside shack and I bought ribs and wings for $14. Cheapest meal we have had so far, and the food was awesome.

Tomorrow is breakfast at the Flamingo and then tomorrow night is a pig roast at the Buccaneer Bar on Simpson Bay. These two meals and today's Santino cruise are all part of a package deal for Diamond International owners like us.

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