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Our gang of four left this morning at 9:00, headed off to San Antonio. Steve & Cathy had not seen the Alamo or the River Walk so we wanted to show them both of these wonderful places.

We drove to a new Mall called “The Rim” near the intersection of I-10 and the 1604 Loop on the northwest side of San Antonio. We decided to take the shuttle bus from there. For a bargain price of $2.75 per person, we had a one-day pass and could ride to the Alamo and River Walk area and return whenever we wished.

The first hitch was that the bus runs every hour and we must have just missed the bus because we had to wait about 50 minutes. However, I must admit that the bus was right on time as scheduled.

The bus made several stops right away and at the first or second stop, a young lady climbed on board with a backpack and several other packs of various sizes. She immediately began a rambling monologue type of conversation with us. I remarked that Marilyn & I used to backpack, but had sold our equipment to our friends, motioning to Steve & Cathy at the same time. The young lady glanced at Steve & Cathy and made some disparaging remark indicating that they didn’t look like they could make it very far. That was rude but funny, so I no longer participated in the dialogue. Marilyn continued trying to be nice to this person, but when she told us that the gym was full of unhealthy people and the gym is no place to get in shape, I think Marilyn gave up also. We were happy when this young lady got off the bus at the next stop.

Once we arrived downtown we walked along the Riverwalk, stopping at a familiar restaurant called “Boudros” where we enjoyed a nice lunch of guacamole, which was made from scratch at the table, and a “crabcake” dish, all delicious and enjoyed with a prickly pear margarita.

When we left the restaurant we walked to the Alamo which wasn’t very far away. This shrine to Texas is a wonderful place to visit, especially for a history nut like myself. Steve & Cathy both enjoyed this day as much as Marilyn & me.

We caught the bus sitting at the bus stop for a few minutes and had no wait at all. One of the funny things on the ride back to where our car waited, was that we noticed the backpacks mentioned earlier in this blog, sitting on a bench at the bus stop located at the campus of UTSA (University of Texas, San Antonio).

It was a great day for all of us and we are very aware that Life is Good!

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