St. Maarten getaway 2016 travel blog

Steve helped pull the sail

Going up!

Ready to sail


Unbelievably beautfiul water

caught a 'cuda!

The reef at Prickly Pear island

Our lunch spot on Anguilla

digging out the anchor in the sand

Selfie on the Lambada

Pineapple Pete's

Caprese Salad

Crab Stuffed Shrimp

Beautiful night for a moondance

French pastries

We were up early today and left the room at 7:30 to walk around the bay to the Aqua Mania dock in front of the Simpson Bay Hotel. We checked in, and waited for our day trip to commence aboard the Lambada catamaran. We left the dock at about 9:00 with 58 other folks, heading to Prickly Pear Island to snorkel and to Anquilla for lunch. Once we cleared the bay, the crew asked for several strong men to help pull the sail. Steve hopped up and was joined by several other guys. The sail was up in a jiffy and we were on our way. It was a beautiful day to sail. The sky had a few fluffy clouds and the water was bright blue. We sailed toward Prickly Pear and along the way, the Captain hollered at the crew that they had a fish on the line. It turned out to be a barracuda with a mouth full of sharp teeth! It posed for a few photos before going back into the sea.

We arrived at Prickly Pear, and most everybody got ready to snorkel. Steve and I were near the front of the group. Unfortunately, the water was a bit rough from the hurricane that had just passed through, and I had a panic attack as soon as I hit the water. I ended up hanging onto the rope until the rest of the folks got in the water, and then I climbed back up into the boat. Bummer. Steve got to enjoy the reef, wish I had been able to do it...maybe I can next week when we go out on another excursion to different island. The water was absolutely beautiful around Pickly Pear - that beautiful clear turquoise surrounded by a deep dark blue. The white sand made the blue water even more vivid. Everybody got back on the Lambada and we sailed toward Anguilla.

Once there, the Captain steered the boat onto the shore and the crew dug an anchor into the sand on the beach. We exited via the front steps into waist deep water and walked over to the restaurant where we had our choice of fish, chicken or ribs. It was very tasty! Following lunch, we all went into the water for a swim. The water was much calmer there and so clear that you could see your feet in shoulder deep water Beautiful! Back on the Lambada, we set sail back to Simpson Bay. We made it back to the resort at about 5:00 and jumped in the pool for a little while. Then it was showers and a change of clothes before we headed out to dinner.

We ate dinner tonight at Pineapple Pete's. Steve and I both had Caprese Salad and Crab Stuffed Shrimp. Excellent! Pete came over to talk to us at the end of the meal. Nice guy. On the way back to the resort, we stopped at the French bakery for an after dinner dessert and we did a little moon gazing. Back at the room, we chilled out and watched a little TV. Tomorrow, I think we are going to do a little beach hopping. It's a rough life....

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