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View out our balcony

Another view from our balcony

View out our balcony

View out our balcony

View in Ajay, restaurant...talking with other travelers


Although the flight to Delhi was uneventful, it seemed longer than any of the other legs (SF-Seoul & Seoul to Singapore). We landed having spent 25+ hours in the air...2 nites and a whole day. By the time we got to the Delhi Metro it was past 6 am and then another ride to Main Train station to walk to main bazaar which entails crossing the tracks overhead. Usually, it just amounts to climbing stairs on one end of the station and walking over. Today the police insisted we have train tickets so we decided to take a tuk tuk. On our first encounter the fellow said it would be 100 rupies which Bon in-sisted was too much. Next fellow said 20 r. so we hopped aboard and took off.

(this is very near Connaught Circle/Place

Heading around the circle we landed in front of a gate to go across to the other side of the station and main bazaar where we encountered a fellow who insisted we needed a pass to go over and into the area where Ajay GH is located! This was ostensibly due to a it turned out it was a holiday, the Shiites were celebrating the 1400 years since the martyrdom of their leader which led to the split between Sunni and Shiite. But there the truth ended since our driver after arguing had to return to the train station where we went to the other end of the station and followed a group of Indian boys through the security scan and up the stairs and over!

Voila, no issues, no permit just a 15 min. walk to our favorite place, Ajay Guest House. There Sunjay, the new manager, told us to wait after Bon explained that she had written 3 emails to make reservations with no response. He said for us to sit and have some breakfast (it was 8am), which we gladly did and by 10am miraculously, a room was available. Only one due to an Israeli leaving, and just what the doctor ordered - window, balcony (with an Indian 'view', ha), and bath incl. Others waited later to no avail and left.

I think these folks at Ajay recognized us from previous visits...the restaurant fellow, Pura, remembered we'd been here 6-7 months before and our 'room boy', Chotu (given name is Astic), asked about Mari - not by name but description. Very encouraging!

10/12 to 14

Exhausted, we slept all day Wed., most of Thurs. watching 5 movies, and got up about noon to wash clothes, eat, hang in our room and finally going down to the restaurant and wifi to book air tickets to Goa. We both decided we are still too strung out to face a train or bus trip., ha!


FINALLY...we woke at a reasonable hour, refreshed after a shower, and now feel like we're 'back in the saddle' so to speak. Plane to Goa on Monday a.m. then look for places to stay...Bon does some preliminary on line looking and determines that Anjuna still is least expensive overall place to stay. We'll check out Calengute first though if only for a night or two since her dentist appt. is for 11 a.m. on the 18th.

WATCHED lots of movies again, amazingly we slept most of the afternoon and eve...we think it's still part of our 'decompression' from our summer 'remodel' !

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