Bob and Julie head South travel blog

The Winnebago camped near Palmer, AK. Summer 2016

Val, Spence, and Julie during a visit in the Spring of 2016

Kathy (an old coworker of Bob's) and Julie working a local election

Piper and George the cat. Julie got a chance to practice being...

Julie and daughter Kate

Phil and Matt

Will doing what he does best

At the cabin working hard

Julie and Sadie camping near Palmer, AK

Monkeys riding dogs at the Alaska State Fair

Monkeys herding sheep. This was the only thing Bob wanted to see...

Fall Trip 2016

Last day of work is October 14. The Fall Trip 2016 begins October 15th. Bob and Julie are headed south again!

Had a nice summer. Julie kept busy practicing being a grandma with our great niece and nephew. Bob did his summer job with Anchorage Street Maintenance. We both enjoyed visits from friends and relatives, went out to the cabin, did some RV camping, and even attended the Alaska State Fair and got to see monkeys riding dogs herding sheep around. Great times!

In keeping with our new custom, Bob drives and Julie flies. The distance from Anchorage to Davenport, Iowa is 3519 miles. Bob will drive a little over 500 miles per day arriving sometime on October 21st. Julie will fly in to Cedar Rapids on October 23rd. Bob will pick her up from the airport and whisk her away to her new home: a 22' box on wheels. How romantic is that?

After taking delivery of our new travel trailer, we will hook it to our 2015 F-150 and drag it to Nebraska, Iowa, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kansas, before settling in Colorado sometime in early November. Gonna be a busy road trip!

I will update this journal as often as possible while on the road. In NW Canada cell service is spotty when available at all. AT&T Canada is $2.05 per MB of data, so the phone goes off until I get to North Dakota. I will rely on Wifi in hotels to communicate with the outside world. I’m looking forward to being in Canada for a while to miss the crazy election coverage.

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