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I have mentioned before in my blog that the travel between places we go is the part about this lifestyle which is my least favorable part of RV life. I have given this some thought and realize that it isn’t the travel per se which bothers me, but rather the increased exposure to the things which can go wrong.

Yesterday, only 25 miles north of our destination, the “wrench symbol” appeared on the instrument panel of the truck. Along with that, I lost the ability to accelerate and the truck would not downshift going up a steep hill.

We arrived safely at our destination and when I re-started the truck, that warning symbol was gone. Today the truck ran perfectly but I took it to a Ford Dealer to be checked out “Just in Case”.

First, the diagnostics alone cost $120. Then after an hour or so, I was told that the Turbo was beginning to lock up, causing a loss of power. The repair would be costly. Now, the truth is that this is the part I dislike about travel. I just spent over $1200 since we arrived back in Hannibal, on repair to the truck. Now we are looking at another expensive repair. I know how our friends who have had recently experienced similar problems are feeling. This is not good.

Back at the RV park I dumped the holding tanks and waited for a call from the Ford Dealer.

When the call came, it was a mix of good and bad news. The good news was that I did not have to buy a new turbocharger, they could remove, clean, and reassemble the old turbocharger, but the bad news was that it would cost a tad more than $1000.

More bad news: The truck would not be ready until late tomorrow morning and the checkout time here is 11:00 AM. I spoke to the nice folks in the office and they said that I should not worry but simply leave as soon as we could tomorrow. So our plan to make it to Perrin, Texas remains in effect.

So, for now, all is well except for my wallet which is taking a beating, and I can still say that Life is Good!

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