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Today we are off to Parakia, the port, to just have a look and do some more shopping, hoping the shops aren't all shut. Tiny arrived about 9.30 to drive us in there as it is about 12 klm from Naoussa and we are going to catch the bus back. We can do this! Tiny is having lunch with Jean-Luc so we are on our own. We thought we would start off by having a hot chocolate and pastry before shopping. From here Denise led the way as we had absolutely no idea where we were. We wandered up and down little blue and white street looking at all sorts of stuff. After our shopping was completed we walked through to the Holy Church of Panaghia Ekatontapyliani which means Ours Lady of One Hundred Gates. There is also a small museum and a Baptismal dating back to the 4th century which was all very interesting.

From here we decided to have lunch overlooking the harbour before catching the bus. However when we went to the bus station, we had just missed the bus by 15 minutes and the next one wasn't until 4pm, one and half hours away...bugger. Oh well, nothing we can do about it, so we went for a walk along the water front in the opposite direction for a while, came back to the bus station but it was so hot in the sun and no shelter at the station we went back to where we had started the day with hot chocolate and had a cold drink so we could sit under their umbrella in the shade. Just before 4pm the lady came back to the ticket booth so we got our tickets and once our bus arrived climbed aboard.There were 8 people on this massive tourist coach for the trip back to Naoussa. He stopped just down the road near the bakery so it was an easy walk home along the wharf.

Tiny messaged to suggest we go out for pizza tonight and have tea at his place tomorrow night. Sounds good. He arrived a bit earlier than planned so we could go to the supermarket first as he also needed to do some shopping as he is cooking lunch for 10 people tomorrow for Jean-Luc. That all done we went into the village, ordered pizza and wine and enjoyed another nice meal. After we finished Tiny took us for walk through all the back alleys to another little harbour explaining along the way how much things have changed since he first came here. It was lovely night for a walk and once back at the car he bought us and our shopping home. We said good night, he went home and we all went to bed.

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